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In this article we take a look at the three best online forex brokers. We judge them on their software, bonuses, extra features and more.

Choosing the right online forex broker is something that both aspiring and more experienced traders at the forex market should invest some time in. Because just as there are many different traders, there are also many wishes and demands.

Some traders prefer usability, whereas others want to be able to access detailed graphics and reports. And what do you prefer: a high amount of currency pairs to trade in, or a nice welcome bonus?

Luckily, one feature does not have to rule out the other. We've done our best to find the best online forex brokers of the moment for you, and we like to think that the three we found all offer an excellent all-round package of possibilities for traders.
We're talking about eToro, Plus500 and

Even though they are all good, each of these brokers has its specific strong points. We've mapped those as well as possible, in order to help you choose which broker suits you the most.


To really show the differences between these brokers in the best way possible, we've made three separate reviews, in which we've judged them all on the same criteria. After all, this is really the only way to properly compare them with one another.

The criteria we've chosen to judge these forex brokers on are:

Software - When trading currencies, you want to be able to act quickly. Good and reliable software is therefore crucial for any online forex broker. Beginners should be able to use a trading platform intuitively, and more advanced traders should ideally have a large set of options at their disposal.

Bonuses - You can earn money by making good trades, but receiving free money in the form of a bonus means you can actually trade without risk, which is even better.

Extra features - A good forex broker offers more than just the standard package. We looked at which extra features or services you can expect at these three brokers, from useful tools and free demo accounts, to a good customer service and video tutorials.

Depositing and withdrawing money - Finally we've taken a look at the possibilities for depositing and withdrawing money at these online forex brokers.

The three best online forex brokers

As stated before, we've filtered three of the best online forex brokers from the ones currently available. In random order, here they are:


eToro website
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Online forex broker eToro is a trading platform that stands out due to its focus on the social side of forex trading. At eToro, you'll find a very large community of traders. Just like you - if you open an account - they have access to many tools for online forex trading at eToro.
It is for instance possible to enter public and private chats, and the forums at eToro are very active as well. They are filled with good information and useful discussions. Besides communication tools such as these, there is also a possibility to copy each others trading strategies. If other people follow you, it's even possible to earn money with this.

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Plus500 website
Plus500 CFD Service

Plus500 CFD Service is famous for being the ideal forex trader, and this is something we can whole-heartedly confirm. One of the things traders like here is the unlimited demo account, which allows you to speculate at the currency market real time, only with practice money.
But if you want to trade for real money, that's also certainly possible. In fact, Plus500 offers a very interesting €25 welcome bonus for new members, for which a deposit is not required. Just keep in mind that your capital may be at risk. The software is another reason for Plus500's popularity among aspiring forex traders, but there are many options for experienced traders as well.

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If you're looking for a good all-round forex broker, then you'll probably feel right at home at This broker offers a wide choice in trading software, both for your desktop and for mobile devices. Particularly nice is that they offer the MetaTrader 4 software, seeing as this is the world's most praised and extensive trading software.
But is also the right place for a good first deposit bonus. With your first deposit, you can earn up to €1,000 in bonus money, and this is something both high and low stakes traders can benefit from. Another strong point is's customer service, and no other forex broker offers more free practice material.

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